Halfway Gone

from by Anne Munition



I can't keep coming home to this bed we used to share
Cos all I can think is how you used to sleep right there
And I could hold you while you slept and you would kiss me in the morning
I was so in love with you, I couldn't see the warning signs

That I was still a wreck
Halfway gone to total mess
Unnaturally disastrous
I couldn't see I was bad for us

And I was still in pain
Halfway gone and half insane
I was so afraid of losing you
I pushed and pulled and confused you away

I can't keep going on pretending I'm not even lonely
There's a smile on my face but I wish that you could only see
The darkness that just starts slowly tearing me apart
The emptiness I tried to fill with pieces of your heart


I know I made mistakes and you can't look at me the same
Believe me when I say I'm so ashamed
It's unfair for me to try but I still pray you change your mind
I need you more than anything I've needed all my life

But I am still a wreck
Halfway gone to total mess
Unnaturally disastrous
I'm frightened I am poisonous

I never meant to cause you pain
I only wanted you to stay
I still believe that you're the one
To bring me back from halfway gone away

Halfway gone
Bring me home

Be my home.


from Collection I, released April 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Anne Munition Los Angeles, California

Graphic designer by day, video game broadcaster by night, songwriter on the rarest occasion.

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